Thank you for a lovely stay in your wonderful woods. It was a very relaxing and peaceful experience and we are sorry that we are moving on. With many thanks, Doug and Jane, visitors from Kent, England UK


Thank you. A little piece of heaven for both of us. Magic Dwelling.  ~ Heather and Shannon


We had such a wonderful time!! We will definitely be back. This property is amazing. Thanks for sharing.  ~ Jayne and Ben


Thanks so much. I had an amazing stay. Everything was just perfect. I spent most of the weekend walking in the woods, taking hundreds of pictures and recording interesting sounds. My favorite was the rooster in the a.m. ~ Best, Michael C. (Sorry Michael, we haven’t replaced our old fellow. No more lovely morning crows.)


Everything was just the way I liked it. Its so refreshing to be in a space that has paid attention to the subtle details that make it like home. You took the cabin that I had etched in my heart and made it real. I was able to reflect, write, and have peaceful content. Thank you for being so gracious. I haven’t left and I already miss it. I’ll see  you again. Good luck with all your projects. PS The outside shower rocks!  ~ Warmly, Elsie O., Oakland


We woke up and went for a walk. You showed us how to get to the river. Gosh I’m out of shape! The walk back was ‘longer’ for sure but so beautiful each way. The stay was so nice. We can’t wait to come again. You’ve outdone yourself with this treasure. Thank you!  ~ Alena and Dave, East Bay.


Others have spoken so truly of this place. Thank you for creating and sharing this place where it’s almost impossible not to be in the present moment. It’s been 4 days and now its time to say goodbye to this magical place and take it with us in memories back to urban life – until we return. ~ Lisa and Peter, Sacramento


One of your other guests wrote something like: ‘you can’t not be in the moment here”…that’s exactly as I see it. There is a quiet peace in this forest that you’ve preserved and enhanced with this beautiful cabin and the rest of the buildings at your home. You must have worked hard to create it, yet it is clear that you have natural talent for developing function, comfort and light. I really appreciate all of the details here in the cabin…down to the smallest kitchen items that continue their usefulness here after years of service elsewhere. We pretty much kept to ourselves while here, yet couldn’t help noticing that as much care as you have put into this cabin, you’ve been equally adept at creating and weaving your home into the forest. That you’re really sharing your home is not lost on us. Thank you for allowing us to come relax. ~ Glen & Jennifer K. San Rafael


A few of my favorite things: the fresh flowers; fresh eggs from ‘the girls’ and other goodies in the fridge; the extensive book collection. Really, there is something for everyone here!; the way the light plays off the cabin walls, both inside and out; the view of the forest from the tub. Here’s how it’s done: stoke up a cozy fire in the woodstove, make a spot of tea, and after a hot bath hunker down under the cozy comforter with a stack of books. Oh yeah – tune into some good local radio, too. With that, you’ve got yourself a perfect evening. Cheers and a million thanks. ~ JK


It has been a wonderful stay for Brannon and I as we celebrated our wedding anniversary. We loved that your cabin is so far out in the peaceful and beautiful forest, yet only a short drive to town, great hikes and the beaches – a perfect combo! This cabin is perfect for a weekend get-away and allowed us the opportunity to do things at our leisure, enjoy cooking our own meals and be one with nature…the invigorating outdoor shower sure helps! Thanks for creating such a sweet little haven and for making our visit wonderful and memorable. ~ Barbie & Brannan G., Concord, CA


Dennis and I came up to Mendocino to celebrate my 30th birthday. We came to relax, to enjoy good eats, to reconnect with one another and this little cabin in the redwoods afforded us all of that – and then some. Today we’ll begin the journey home, down route #1, with a few stops along the way to marvel at the coast, and of course the mandatory surf check. I look forward to revisiting this little cabin again soon, and to creating good meals, with good wine, and wonderful company – and Dennis concurs.


Words can’t begin to describe how floored we were with your precious little cabin in the woods – the wood burning stove, the bathtub overlooking the lush forest, all the comforts of home PLUS more – the eggs!, fresh squeezed orange juice; books; fresh flowers! You have something very special here! Thanks for everything! We are looking forward to returning. ~ Cheers, Aaron & Lauren


This is the most tranquil, calming, place I have ever stayed. I hope to one day live like this – something I have always known but staying here has sealed that thought. I feel really lucky to have experienced it in the magical rains. I hope to come again. Thank you for everything you have created in this incredible environment. ~ Davila, SF


Thank you so much for the wonderful stay. It was the perfect remedy to winter in New York! The storm provided beautiful and severe conditions and inspired an unknown and equally severe boggle rivalry. We can’t wait to come back. All the best. ~ Mike and Anna, NYC


Thank you for an amazing experience here in Mendocino. We love your book collection! You’ve thought of everything. We’ll definitely be back very soon. Thanks. ~ Brad & Tiffani. Modesto, CA


This was the perfect way to spend our 5 year anniversary. I wish I could live here! Everything was so wonderful and cozy. And don’t get me started on the outside shower – I could have stayed under that lovely hot stream of water all day. I think your outside shower was my favorite element of this deliciously cozy little cabin. Thank you so much for having such a sense of taste and home comfort. Your slippers were so comfy. We went on a hike each morning we were here to refresh us for the day – 1st the 7.5 mile trail in Russian Gulch S. Park. Today the 5 mile trail in Van Damme S. Park. We cooked ourselves 2 delicious gourmet dinners here. 1st night T-Bone steak and organic salad, 2nd night huge jumbo prawns, portobello mushrooms and linguine w/parmesan butter garlic sauce. Last night my husband took a hot bath w/candles all around while I read to him from an enjoyable non-fiction book we were reading. We would recommend this cabin to everyone we know and will certainly be back in the future. Thanks again for a lovely and these days rare experience to get back to nature. ~ Andriana & Ben, San Leandro, CA


Thank you for this beautiful little nugget of paradise. What a perfect pace to contemplate the wonders of the world as well as the corners of your mind. I can remember few times that I’ve been this relaxed. The chickens giving up their beautiful eggs, the trees, the fresh, moist air, the sounds, the silence, the local radio station…I could go on and on. Thank you for sharing your home with us. I feel renewed and in love w/the world after our stay here. And thank you for welcoming the canine member of our family. We love this place. ~ Love Jeff, Tracy & Wyatt, Oakland, CA

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